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Smart Bored and Horny!!!!

3 Ideas That Shaped A Generation

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Well, this is a community for everyone who's Smart, Bored, and/or Horny. All three aspects are encouraged and expected.

This is basically a place where I write little articles about whatever I feel like involving SBH. However, you're all welcome to write your own entries too.

I'm, your non-maintainer. Devin "Wevy" deadishone made me confirm my decision, so I'm listing him as a founding member also (though it's all my idea;) Thanks to Jake cartoonfan02 for getting me to set this all up.

I want this to be an open community (as almost all communities and journals, IMNSHO should be), so there aren't many restrictions on membership and posting.


(Although we don't mind something that you might find in, say, Maxim Magazine ;D)
Be Civil.

Read the First Post for more on what we are, and be sure to comment there!

Also, be sure to check out my statement community, single_ness_sux and my community for communities, useless_comms, both in their beginning stages.

Enjoy the community(ies)!

*Concieved on November 24, 2004 around 5:10 PM while composing an lj entry, my little community was confirmed around 5:58:49 PM in an AIM convo w/ Wevy and born at around 6:04 PM.