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Convo. Excerpt: I Really DO Get Bored, Huh? - Smart Bored and Horny!!!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Smart Bored and Horny!!!!

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Convo. Excerpt: I Really DO Get Bored, Huh? [Jan. 13th, 2005|10:40 pm]
Smart Bored and Horny!!!!


Sodafizman: and you really don't care what I'm talking about, do you?
Sodafizman: you and the fat fuck monkey whent for a walk with father time.  you found a middle-aged city commisioner and decided to use computer-paper to stage a coup d'etat to overtake the world by holding a seance to bring back the ghost of napoleon bonaparte!
Sodafizman: however, this failed and you brought back alexander the great, which was better because he conquered more!  you fought in wars with atilla the hun and the cheesy three-pronged-cheesy-finger-monst
Sodafizman: eventually you just settled upon the conquest of the dominion of the ultra-super-quasi-psuedo, which was some sort of buzz-wor(l)d
WormBabySlayer: you are bored, arent you
Sodafizman: just a teensy weensy bit