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Smart Bored and Horny!!!!

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A Short Story [Jan. 10th, 2005|08:02 pm]
Smart Bored and Horny!!!!
[Current Music |Sublime - Two Joints]

A boy lived in the woods.
A girl carried many goods.
The boy played in the stream.
The girl ate lots of cream.
They walked in the park
And found a tree to leave their mark
To show their everlasting love
With the picture of a dove.
Summer would be forever
And time could be no clever.
One day dark clouds came
To stay and make their claim.
The boy fought them.
The girl attacked them.
They grew much weaker
But not the less the meeker.
Then figs did the boy eat
And so to did the girl with meat.
Beans they consumed
And somehow the clouds were doomed.
The boy bent over
And the girl bent over.
With great might.
The two made a fart of fright.
The fart blew away the clouds
Into the dark covering shrouds.

The End.